Oils that Come in “Handy”

Oils that Come in “Handy”

matthand2 The strong scent of alcohol and latex stung my nose as I sat helplessly waiting on the examining room table. Scissoring the air violently, my knees attempted to cut the growing tension that enveloped me like a London fog. In minutes a summer nightmare would become reality.

Finally, the doc strolled in with x-rays in hand. His droopy eyes and crooked smile were all I needed to see. Yep, my right hand would indeed spend its July and August disguised as a giant plaster club – a black prison without parole that would keep me from beloved seasonal pastimes like golf, swimming, water volleyball … and showering. Friends and family alike would spend their days frolicking joyfully in the sun, while I sat in the dark and distant melancholy shade, a wool shawl draping my shoulders and a plaid blanket on my legs. Poor me …

The first part of July I fell and fractured the 5th metacarpal of my right hand in two places. No, I wasn’t running with the bulls in Pamplona or saving Fluffy from a burning apartment building. I was mowing the freaking lawn for crying out loud! Apparently, navigating a mower on a steep, wet hill near a stone wall with tread bare sneakers is a bad idea. As I lay writhing in pain in the wet grass, my spirits sunk lower than the kneecaps of the grasshoppers that swarmed all around me, mocking me with their little chirps and whatnot. I knew this was probably more than a bruise.

But that was then.

Here it is today, two months later and I sit busily typing at my keyboard (another thing I will never take for granted again). Unencumbered by plaster and feeling stronger every day it felt like a good time to reflect on the positives of this otherwise painful experience. One thing is for sure, I have gained an even greater love, respect, and appreciation for Young Living Essential Oils through this ordeal. I mean, I’ve slathered so much oil on my right hand the past month you could probably wring it out and fill a five gallon bucket or two.

The day I got the cast, I set an unrealistic goal to play in a golf outing I had scheduled with my buddies in Minnesota. But six weeks and change from the accident just isn’t enough time for this to happen under normal circumstances – especially for a 46-year old male.

However, most of those guys don’t have the amazing new buddies I discovered in my time of need – tireless companions fully on board with the task of helping me reach my goal. They daily came to my aid, giving my body what it needed. They lifted my spirits and became life-long friends in the process. Their names are Copaiba, Helichrysum, Palo Santo, and Aroma Siez. They go by PanAway, Lavender, Valor, Joy and Peppermint. I rubbed these gems on daily with no particular rhyme, reason or recipe and they did the rest. I gulped down three Sulfurzyme® capsules, one BLM™ capsule and an ounce of Ningxia Red® twice a day and experienced dramatic improvement. I am so grateful for these friends. They are gifts from God, faithful and true.

So what about the golf outing? I believe that these Young Living products were a huge reason why I was not only able to play, but complete 72 holes of golf in three days! This was just three days after being in a cast for six weeks!

This feat was nothing short of miraculous as the doc had prohibited me from doing anything but maybe a little putting practice in a brace for another 3 weeks! hard-of-hearing1I must have been suffering from hearing loss as well as I didn’t seem to hear those instructions. Maybe I need to rub my friend Helichrysum in my ears – ha!

– Written by Matt Bomhoff, Joyful Vida Founder

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