Ningxia Red – What’s All the Hype?

Ningxia Red … What’s all the Hype?

Heart racing, head pounding, crying hysterically, feeling like everything was crashing down around me. That was me on March 31st of this year.

After cooking for three private chef gigs in a row (resulting in five 14-16 hour days on my feet) I hit the proverbial wall. I felt like a truck had hit my entire body and I slept for almost 24 hours straight. For a person who rarely gets more than seven hours, that was a big clue that something was wrong. When I did finally make myself get up I realized something was majorly askew in my body. I was starving but felt nauseous and didn’t want to eat anything. My heart was racing madly and I was constantly feeling anxious.  But rather than recognize what the problem was and caring or myself, I went right back into my normal routine of cooking for my clients for that week.

On March 31, however, I went to my friend’s house (the original Joyful Diva) and we went for a walk. By the end of the walk, I had held it in long enough. Due to the news that several people I knew were being diagnosed with cancer or had even recently died, I burst into tears out of fear for my and my family’s health. I told my friend how I was feeling physically and she could clearly see my emotional state. She did what friends do and consoled me, but then she casually said, “Why don’t you try some of my Ningxia Red to help support your body?”

I already had tried it.

Last May 2013 when we were packing up the moving truck to move from Northern California back to my home state, I ordered 30 Ningxia Red Packets.

Why? Because I knew about the potency of the delicious red drink and how it could support your immune system. I also knew we would be traveling, four of us in a small car for three days, and staying in 3 or 4 hotel rooms where who knows what might be lurking germwise. So we all took a shot of Ningxia Red everyday. Sometimes a whole packet each.

It seemed like a good thing on the road, but I decided the expense of it overshadowed the effects since I couldn’t overtly see any changes and I stopped taking it. Fast forward a year and I now order 4 big bottles every month.

You see that day in March I went from being a complete mess with a racing heartbeat & anxious-filled soul to feeling completely normal and at peace in 30 minutes. I didn’t go to a therapist, I didn’t do any chants or yoga, I simply drank 2 ounces of this delicious, sweet-tart juice called Ningxia Red or as my hilarious Mom calls it, Ninja Juice.

You can go to this page and get more info but for now, bullet points:

  • Protection Against Superoxide and Other Free Radicals
  • Helps extend Cell Life
  • Supports Immunity and Promotes Anti-aging
  • Protects Cells from Oxidation
  • Plus, it tastes so great that my kids recently (like two days ago) asked me if we could stop ordering their other supplements and just take Ningxia Red. It’s sweetened with stevia so there are no weird sugars that you get in gummies or other vitamins so I’m really ok with that request.

It’s totally worth every penny. Check it out and see what you think!

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