Joyful Oils


You may be wondering … why the heck would I use essential oils? I asked the same question, and to my jaw-dropping surprise … they really work!


I was as skeptical as anyone could be. Coming from a background of years in pharmaceutical sales, I could not fathom how an oil could be useful for more than a relaxing bath or a great massage. So do you want to know the truth? Hang in there with me, open up your mind and come along on this Joyful Vida journey to learn the TRUTH about oils and why they are absolutely a key to your health and vitality … it’s time to really start living!

So what are these therapeutic grade essential oils anyway? For starters, we are not talking about something that just smells good or that you use to relax during your massage or something reserved for a “hippie lifestyle.” We are talking about seed to seal essential oils.


What the heck does “seed to seal” mean? It means extremely pure and potent essential oils which are the life blood of the plant. These amazing oils, we believe, are the purest oils available on the planet. They are the immune system and building blocks of the plant’s DNA.

They give your body what it needs to help keep viruses, bacteria and fungus at bay while at the same time supporting your bodies  friendly flora to flourish. They have the ability to transport nutrients and are compatible with human blood. They support the human body’s natural defense systems, are immune enhancing, and maintain normal cell regeneration. They are mood elevating, supportive and balancing. Basically, they give our bodies what they need to heal themselves! Whoo hoo! Now that’s good news.

WARNING:  Many essential oil labels will read “Warning, not for internal use” or “external use only.” Why? Because of the synthetics added. In fact, one of the most common synthetics added to essential oils is propylene glycol (used in non toxic anti-freeze). You will never see synthetics added to Young Living Essential Oils! I confidently take only Young Living Essential Oils internally.



This is why we at Joyful Vida can only refer to, recommend and encourage use of Young Living Essential Oils. Always. No exceptions. Forever. Amen. We are convinced that Young Living Essential oils are the best in the world!

Young Living is the only company we have found that owns its own farms, grows and distills their own plants, and has exclusive coop farms. This produces the highest quality essential oil because they have control of materials from point of seed through the bottling process (Seed to Seal Baby!). They do not purchase oils from outside sources and rebottle. They are the source. To ensure quality and potency they solicit both internal and third party testing. BAM! That’s what I’m talking about!

Can you see now why we feel confident rubbing oils on our children, taking them internally, and diffusing them throughout our homes? PURITY IS A BIG DEAL! All of Young living’s oils are safe to take internally, apply topically and inhale!

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