Our Story



Thank you for visiting Joyfulvida.com! My name is Sonja and I would like to share a little about our growing community of friends we call Joyful Vida, and how it came to be! Joyful Vida was birthed out of the pain of a very difficult time in my life – kind of a pearl formed under intense pressure! After years of pushing myself to the limit, I crashed … hard. Exhausted, I was in crisis physically, mentally and emotionally. Trying my best to hold it all together, I struggled to keep the faith that everything was going to be ok. But I had tried everything (or so I thought) and nothing seemed to work. One day, a friend asked if I had tried using Young Living essential oils and Ningxia Red™. I had purchased a few bottles of oils from her a few years back but had never used them consistently. My background as a pharmaceutical and medical sales rep had kept me from taking them seriously as something that could really help. But one day, in my desperation, I decided to give them a try …


After using the oils and drinking Ningxia Red™ for just a short period of time, I began to see dramatic improvement in my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing! In fact, I began feeling better than I had ever remembered feeling! I began the joyful journey of natural wellness that I am so grateful for, and INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE about today!


In my new state of joyful health and wellness, I began telling everyone who would listen my story – how in my darkest hour, God gave me the gift of Young Living Essential Oils and Ningxia Red™ to help my body do what He created it to do … heal itself! The more I shared my story, the more I discovered that there are people everywhere in very hard places too – some of them desperate like I was!

The truth is, our culture is chock full of stress, toxic household chemicals, genetically modified and processed food that harm our bodies and make us unhealthy and miserable. When I meet people who are not well, I have such compassion and empathy for them … my mantra has become, “love looks like sharing!”

Well guess what? The more I shared, the more glowing reports I got from grateful people who were experiencing radical improvement in their wellness since beginning a Young Living lifestyle. Hearing these stories brought (and brings) so much joy into my life! My “A-ha!” moment came when I asked this question: “what could possibly be more joyful than helping people everywhere get what they need to live their joyful vida EVERY DAY!


Today Joyful Vida is a growing community of friends who desire to be well in every area of their lives – body, soul and spirit! Together, we are discovering and sharing the incredible benefits of a joyful lifestyle that includes Young Living essential oils and products in almost everything we do! We would love for you to join us.     Love,  Sonja (member #1241164)


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Joyful Vida community, or if you would like to start by ordering some Essential Oils or Young Living products to try, click here …